Some Choreographies stages a dialogue between the dancer Ramona Caia and a precious video collection of different styles of dance, edited and reworked.

The choreography unfolds as a mimetic process, a multitude of fragments put together in a fast sequence; dug up from the history of dance and performance as told by the cinema and the Internet, in a search for a sensitive kinetic matter. The dancer embodies, transforms, connects and gives shape to the body portrayed in those images, analyses its dynamics, its freedom and linguistic immediacy from a neutral perspective, uproots it from imagination in the performance of a precise choreography.
In the second part, an original video by the artist Roberto Fassone shows a sequence of visual choreographies, a symbolic landscape with no human traces and yet looking for a relationship with the body on stage, and pondering on the intangible matter that dance is made of.

Alcune Coreografie mette in dialogo la danzatrice Ramona Caia con un prezioso e ponderoso lavoro di raccolta video, montaggio e successiva rielaborazione di una serie di tipologie di danze. La coreografia si costruisce attraverso la mimesi di una moltitudine di frammenti video montati in una sequenza serrata, frugando tra la storia della danza e della performance, attraversando il cinema e internet, in cerca di una materia cinetica sensibile.

Diviso in due parti distinte, Alcune Coreografie parla della danza che parla della danza attraverso la danza e che con essa si confonde fino a produrre nuove immagini. La danzatrice incarna, trasforma, connette e riporta al presente il corpo dell’immagine, ne sonda la dinamica, la libertà e l’immediatezza linguistica senza un punto di vista privilegiato, lo sradica dall’immaginario nello svolgimento di una coreografia esatta. La danza tenta di liberarsi dalla forza dell’immagine, smettendo di riferirsi a qualcos’altro, per iniziare a rifarsi solo a se stessa.

Nella seconda parte un video originale dell’artista Roberto Fassone offre una sequenza di coreografie visive, un paesaggio simbolico dove l’umano è assente ma che ancora cerca un rapporto con il corpo in scena e riflette su quella materia intangibile di cui la danza è fatta.

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‘Meta-Choreographies’ Between the Desktop and the Stage
How does one re-use pre-existing material in order to form an expanded choreographic practice of relating to audio-visual archive without being considered of stealing or lacking originality? Copying, re-using and appropriation, not innocent from copyright implications but often entrapped in the modernist myth of originality, are practices that have been enhanced by the growth of the digital archive available on the internet and the expansion of the online public space. In light of this surge that challenges the body-to-body dance transmission, this text analyses copying, re-use and appropriation as forms of citation, both audio-visually and corporeally, through the work of the Italian choreographer, performer, educator and filmmaker Jacopo Jenna who connects fragments of pre-existing works to create unexpected visual and corporeal associations that prompt us to re-think the dance canon. His work, based on a meta-choreographic and meta(dance)cinematic technique, moves between screen and stage, two-dimensional and three-dimensional space and brings into dialogue immaterial bodies and gestures stored in our collective memory with flesh bodies on stage. But, what issues and possibilities does this practice of disembodied transmission from screen-to-body entail?

Ariadne Mikou
International Journal of Screendance, vol.13 (forthcoming)


concept, direction and videochoreography  Jacopo Jenna
collaboration and dance 
Ramona Caia
collaboration and video 
Roberto Fassone
original sound 
Francesco Casciaro
light design
 Mattia Bagnoli
costume design 
Eva di Franco
Luisa Zuffo
KLm – Kinkaleri
co production 
Centrale Fies
with the support of 
Azienda Speciale Palaexpo – Mattatoio | Progetto PrendersiCura


Tour Dates
July 31 – 1 August.2020 /  Centrale Fies  XL Festival / Dro –> Premiere

September 12-13.2020/  Festival Short Theatre / Rome

October 11.2020/ Festival Autunno Danza / Cagliari

October 23.2021 / Danae Festival / Milan

November 20-21.2021/ La Democrazia del Corpo / Cango Firenze

April 28.2022 / Aerowaves Twenty22 / Elefsina Greece

May 13.2022 / NID Italian Dance Platform / Salerno

May 24.2022 / Festival Interplay / Torino

June 14.2022 / CNBD Bucharest

June 18.2022 / Festival Danza Estate / Bergamo

August 18.2022 /  B-Motion festival / Bassano del Grappa

September 17.2022 / Performative 02 / L’Aquila

September 21-22.2022 / Gender Bender / Bologna

October 6-7.2022 / Tanzhaus nrw / Düsseldorf

October 12.2022 / Spanski Borci Cultural Centre / Ljubljana

October 15.2022 / Teatro Ponchielli / Cremona

October 27-28.2022 / Teatro Ten / Nuoro

November 11 / Fondazione Nazionale della danza Aterballetto / Fonderia Reggio Emilia