Lebanese choreographer Bassam Abou Diab and Italian Jacopo Jenna create a dialogue between their different choreographic practices to generate an open debate on cultural diversity as a trace of possibilities and an element of definition of the body through movement. This series of encounters is looking for strategies of body meeting through different elements like proximity and mimesis to identify crosscultural variables of body attitude and movement qualities.

The etymology of the word incontro originates from the Latin popular incóntra, composed of the prefix in- (reinforcing) and contra = opposite, against, in front of. A meeting, an encounter confronts us with two forces, which at least one moves towards the other (etymologically, ‘against’), and which, however, are directed towards each other.

by Bassam Abou Diab and Jacopo Jenna
Produced and supported by
Fabbrica Europa / Maqamat Dance Theatre / Bipod Festival Beirut / KLM – Kinkaleri, LeSupplici, Mk
within the project Focus Young Mediterranean and Middle East Choreographers 2018

presented in
Fabbrica Europa | 2018
Dansem Marseille | 2018
Bipod Festival – Beirut | 2019
Chantiers d’Europe – Théâtre de la Ville – Paris | 2019